Approximately one month ago I ventured into the exciting world of shampoo bars when I bought this one from Lush, and now I thought it was about time to get back to you with a mini review. Unfortunately I didn’t really have much of a choice but to end my testing, since the bar that’s supposed to last 60-80 washes ran out after less than four weeks. This means about 15 washes for my hair, quite far from what’s promised. Another downside for me was the soft formula that crumbled into small pieces and left traces everywhere in the shower. Not a pretty sight. This might also have affected the fact that it ran out so quickly, since small pieces disappeared here and there. 

    Except for these two negative aspects, I really like this product! It made my haIr soft and smooth and it smells lovely. A big plus as well is that it lathers very pleasantly, which is good if you’ve got long hair like me. If only it would have lasted a bit longer, I would have given it a 10/10. But the fact that it only lasted for less than a month means I won’t buy this product again. However, I am still eager to try some of the other shampoo products from Lush!


    • Their products are 100% vegetarian. Some are also vegan. 
    • Since the start in 1995, they have never tested their products on animals. 
    • Most products are sold without packaging, which is great for the environment!
    • All products are made by hand. 
    • Lush highly prioritizes their ethical buying process where they consider the environment, animal rights, distribution and of course worker’s rights.