One week ago I made the drastic decision to completely stop using all of my skin care products and replace them with one single product – this organic cold pressed jojoba oil from Organic Makers. I have extremely dry skin that needs constant care from lotions, serums and other products to prevent it from completely falling apart. My previous skin care routine kept it in check, but since nothing actually seemed to improve the situation, I decided to try something completely new and rely solely on a natural oil to balance my skin. I am only one week in but I can already see massive improvements in how my skin is feeling and looking.

I can’t wait to see how this will work in the long run!


  • Jessica

    Have you tried using this in your hair? If so, does it work? I’ve been looking for a hair oil and I think this could be a good option! 🙂

    • Mia Mavina

      I have actually! To be honest I rarely use hair oil at all, but when I do this is the one I use. It’s perfect to apply at the ends of your hair, but if you are looking for a full on hair mask I would go for coconut oil instead! 🙂

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