Photos by Green Laces

    Yellow Sandals 1295 SEK
    Silver Sneakers 1295 SEK
    White Sneakers 895 SEK
    Tan Mules 600 SEK
    Black Sandals 1035 SEK
    White Slip-ins 1450 SEK

    If you haven’t heard of Green Laces before, it’s both an online and physical store here in Stockholm that sells vegan and ethically produced shoes and accessories. They have a lot of different brands and a great mix of both shoes, bags and other accessories like belts and wallets. It can be hard to find vegan shoes so I really appreciate stores like this one that offers a curated selection of vegan products!



    It’s been exactly 11 months since I last visited my hairdresser
    , and so my hair was screaming for a haircut. Because of the Corona virus I was a bit hesitant to go into the city center to visit my hairdresser, so this time I decided to give it a go myself. And so I did. To be honest I am actually beyond surprised that I managed to cut and dye my hair at home and get this result. I was prepared to look like crap for a while, but figured it doesn’t really matter since I am working from home and self-isolating.

    But low and behold, I am so happy with the result! I cut about 10-15 cm off and then used a cool toned blonde shade on my entire hair. The before picture is too horrible to see the daylight of the internet, so you will just have to believe me when I say it was long overdue! My hair was down to my waist and extremely dry. I also had some old highlights that definitely had passed their expiration date. You fellow blondes probably know what I’m talking about. Even the best of silver shampoos can’t control the yellow tones forever!

    I know I’m not the only one who’s in the mood of a hair renewal now that spring is here, and based on social media the DIY haircuts have completely exploded during the past few weeks. There’s no doubt you can save a lot of money on cutting and dyeing your hair at home, but it’s also important to realise the limitations. I wouldn’t even consider going from dark brown to platinum blonde. Neither would I cut a really advanced haircut with bangs and different levels. Luckily my hairstyle is easily maintained and my colour only really needs a refresh and not a total transformation. No matter what, remember to always use products that are kind to the environment and to your hair, and to follow the instructions to avoid damaging your hair!

    Do you ever cut or dye your hair at home?
    Feel free to share your best advice for a successful result!



    We all know that the fashion industry is a major contributor to environmental issues like air and water pollution, but did you know that almost 25% of the environmental impact of your clothes actually originates from the wear and tear in your own home? In other words, how you wash and care for your garments is super important if you care about the environment and minimising your impact. Many of you might not know this, but I’ve worked in the fashion industry for more than ten years. One of my recent roles was as a Product Quality Specialist, so I know a thing or two about textiles and how to properly care for different materials. So, today I would like to share with you my top tips on how to do your laundry in a more sustainable way that is beneficial for both the environment and your clothes.

      Okay so the first tip might be a bit counterproductive, since it is to not wash your clothes unless they actually need washing. You will be amazed at how well an old fashioned airing works. This works especially well for natural materials, like wool for example. Oh well, once you really do need to wash that sweater, make sure to wait until you can fill up an entire machine. I sort my laundry in three different bins, 30°C, 40°C and 60°C, and I only start the washer once I am able to fill an entire machine in one of these categories.

      My second advice is to wash in colder temperatures as much as you possibly can, since the heating of the water consumes a massive amount of energy and is one of the largest contributors to the environmental effect of washing machines. The exception here is underwear, socks, bed linen and towels that need to be washed in 60°C to kill all bacteria. However, it’s also important to note that it’s better to wash once in 40°C than to wash more often in 30°C because your clothes doesn’t get 100% clean. In other words, make sure to adapt the temperature based on how dirty your clothes are! A combination of stain removal before wash, and a lower wash temperature is often a great combination!

      Choose a detergent that is kind to the environment and to your clothes. Powder detergent is harsh on the textile fibers and can cause excessive colour fading after some time. In other words, fluid detergent is the best alternative since it makes your clothes last longer. Make sure to pick one that is natural, without heavy perfumes, and preferably certified by organisations like Ecolabel or Svanen. You can also use alternatives to normal detergent, for example soap nuts!

      Fabric softener is used to add perfume, softness, and prevent static electricity in your textiles. But did you know most fabric softeners are packed with chemicals that are extremely harmful to the environment? Since the softener is applied at the end of the wash cycle, the chemicals are left in your clothes and can cause allergies as well as hormonal changes. Not that nice, right? Fabric softener is especially bad if you have smaller kids whose skin is a lot more sensitive than an adults. Fabric softener isn’t that great for your textiles either. For example, towels will loose their ability to absorb water, and your workout clothes won’t be air wicking anymore. One great alternative to fabric softener is white vinegar.

      Tumble drying is perfect for towels and bed linen, but avoid tumble drying your clothes as far as possible. Not only does it consume massive amounts of energy compared to line drying, it also wears the textile fibers down causing unnecessary wear and tear for your clothes. In other words – your clothes will last longer if you let them line dry instead of tumbling them. I have a tumble dryer myself but I solely use it for bed linen and towels, that’s it!

      Every time you wash garments made from synthetic materials like acrylic and polyester, small micro plastic particles are released into the water and hence into our oceans. Micro plastics are extremely harmful to the environment and to the animals in our oceans. The first thing you can do to minimise your emission of micro plastics is of course to buy clothes made from natural materials like cotton and linen instead of synthetic materials. But since most of us already own garments made from synthetic materials, another alternative is to prevent the micro plastics from entering our waters. One way of doing this is using a washing bag, like this one from Guppyfriend. It reduces fiber shedding and protects your clothes while at the same time catching all of the micro plastics that are released during washing. Genius!



    Happy Friday! I hope you are all having a great day. I know many of you are temporarily working from home because of the situation in the world. I am currently on week 6 of remote work, and I’m actually loving it! It can however be a struggle to maintain the Friday feeling when your home has turned into an office and every day kind of looks the same. So with no further ado, here are my top tips on how to wrap up the week and get ready for the weekend!

    • Before you pack up your computer for the week, take a moment to reflect on your achievements and make sure to tick them off your to do list. That way you will have a clean slate when you start back up on Monday.
    • Set your phone to airplane mode, turn off your computer, and stow away all work related gadgets in a nearby closet or cabinet. There’s no need to have your to do list laying around when you are having a day off. 
    • Hop out of your work outfit and into something cosy that you can relax in. This is really important for me, since I normally change clothes as soon as I get home from work on a normal day. So why wouldn’t I do the same when I am working from home?
    • Hit play on your favourite Spotify playlist and cook something extra nice for your Friday dinner. What are you cooking tonight? I am always in need of inspiration when it comes to food, so let me know!