It’s been exactly 11 months since I last visited my hairdresser
, and so my hair was screaming for a haircut. Because of the Corona virus I was a bit hesitant to go into the city center to visit my hairdresser, so this time I decided to give it a go myself. And so I did. To be honest I am actually beyond surprised that I managed to cut and dye my hair at home and get this result. I was prepared to look like crap for a while, but figured it doesn’t really matter since I am working from home and self-isolating.

But low and behold, I am so happy with the result! I cut about 10-15 cm off and then used a cool toned blonde shade on my entire hair. The before picture is too horrible to see the daylight of the internet, so you will just have to believe me when I say it was long overdue! My hair was down to my waist and extremely dry. I also had some old highlights that definitely had passed their expiration date. You fellow blondes probably know what I’m talking about. Even the best of silver shampoos can’t control the yellow tones forever!

I know I’m not the only one who’s in the mood of a hair renewal now that spring is here, and based on social media the DIY haircuts have completely exploded during the past few weeks. There’s no doubt you can save a lot of money on cutting and dyeing your hair at home, but it’s also important to realise the limitations. I wouldn’t even consider going from dark brown to platinum blonde. Neither would I cut a really advanced haircut with bangs and different levels. Luckily my hairstyle is easily maintained and my colour only really needs a refresh and not a total transformation. No matter what, remember to always use products that are kind to the environment and to your hair, and to follow the instructions to avoid damaging your hair!

Do you ever cut or dye your hair at home?
Feel free to share your best advice for a successful result!


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