Have you ever tried this thing called plaster canvas art? I’ve seen it around a few times during the past few weeks, and I got really curious to give it a go. Since we had some leftover plaster at home from when we painted our walls, all I needed was some stretched canvas frames. I managed to get a hold of two frames from Panduro the other day, so you can probably guess what I’ve been doing this weekend. Here’s a small DIY on how I created my very own wall art using plaster, canvas, and some paint. It was super fun and creative, and really not that hard at all!

    Step 1 – Apply the plaster to the canvas using a small plaster trowel, or any other tool that you have at hand.
    Let it dry for about 24 hours.

    Step 2 – Start painting! I used a gray shade to cover the entire canvas.
    Make sure to use enough paint to cover the uneven surface created by the plaster.
    Let it dry!

    Step 3 – This is what my paintings looked like after the first coat of paint.
    As you can see there’s still some of the white canvas showing.
    I wanted it to be completely covered so I added a second layer of paint.

    Step 4 – I decided to add some small splashes of silver as well,
    to catch the light and make the painting a bit more interesting than just plain gray.

    And this is the finished result on my living room wall. I must say I am very happy with how these turned out, considering I have never done anything similar before. I really enjoyed painting these and it’s actually a very simple process. Let me know if you try it out yourselves!