Dry shampoo might be a miracle worker when you don’t have time to wash your hair, but one look at the ingredients list is enough to understand how bad it really is for your hair and scalp. Most of them are packed full with drying alcohol, flammable and allergenic substances. Not something you would naturally apply to your skin in other words. Also, many haircare brands are still using animal testing to this day which is a great shame.

    Luckily it’s very easy to make your own DIY dry shampoo! All you need is two simple ingredients:

    Organic rice starch or corn starch

    An essential oil of your choice

    Mix the starch with one or two drops of an essential oil of your choice and store in an airtight jar of some sort. A great tip is to use a salt shaker like the one below. And you are done! Simple as that! This works for both dark and light hair as well. Just be careful with the amount when you apply the powder, and brush through your hair carefully when you are done!