One week ago I made the drastic decision to completely stop using all of my skin care products and replace them with one single product – this organic cold pressed jojoba oil from Organic Makers. I have extremely dry skin that needs constant care from lotions, serums and other products to prevent it from completely falling apart. My previous skin care routine kept it in check, but since nothing actually seemed to improve the situation, I decided to try something completely new and rely solely on a natural oil to balance my skin. I am only one week in but I can already see massive improvements in how my skin is feeling and looking.

    I can’t wait to see how this will work in the long run!



    The organic products from Estelle & Thild have been a constant part of my skin care routine for years and years now. I have tried almost everything in their range, so I think it’s safe to say I’m definitely a big fan. Recently my BioCalm Night Cream ran out and I decided to try something new from their product range. Eventually I decided to go for the Super BioActive Recovery Night Cream which is a more intensively nourishing night cream than the one I was using before. It’s perfect in combination with my old favourite the BioCalm Optimal Comfort Rescue Oil.

    I’ve been using this combination for a few weeks now and I really like it. I appreciate the fact that both the night cream and the oil is close to fragrance free. It doesn’t hurt either that they are organic, and that the bottles are really pretty! Have you tried anything from Estelle & Thild? If not, I can definitely recommend trying out their products if you value good organic ingredients, sustainable products without parabens and similar stuff, no animal testing and last but not least very nice packaging!



    I’ve always had a thing for skincare, and can’t even count the numerous different brands that I’ve used over the years. Even though I enjoy trying out new products I am glad to say that I have found the perfect routine for me using products from the Swedish brand Estelle & Thild. It’s a make up and skincare brand certified by EcoCert, which means both ingredients, finished products as well as packaging are being scrutinised by the independent organisation EcoCert. All of the products from Estelle & Thild are organic, free from pesticides and many are unscented as well. They do not use animal testing and neither do they sell to the Chinese market. 

    I really am a big fan of this brand and all of the products I have tried so far have become new favourites. I find myself repurchasing the same products over and over again when they have been used up, which is a good sign for someone who likes to try out different brands. My daily routine consists of cleansing milk, facial toner and day/night cream. About once a week I use the detox mask, and to give the night cream some extra power I use a facial oil a few times a week. This is the perfect routine for me! Below you will find a short presentation of the products that I’m using:

    Biocleanse Cleansing Milk | 199 SEK | A mild cleanser for dry skin that removes make up and moisturises the skin. Contains aloe vera and elderflower extract which reduces signs of irritation. I use this every morning and night. It removes makeup gently without stinging my eyes or drying out my skin.

    Biocleanse Multi-Action Toner | 189 SEK | A toner without alcohol that cleanses the skin and and balances the moisture. Contains aloe vera and elderflower extract. I use this every morning and night after cleansing and before day or night cream. Love this one! It smells good, last forever and makes my skin feel fresh and moisturised.

    Biocalm Soothing Moisture Daycream | 259 SEK

    Biocalm Extra Nourishing Night Cream | 279 SEK

    Day cream and night cream for sensitive skin. Without perfume. The day cream contains apricot seed oil and the night cream which is a bit more moisturising contains aloe vera and almond oil. They are both very light on the skin and are quickly absorbed in the skin.

    Detox Mask Lily | 299 SEK | The Detox Mask is a mud mask that cleanses the pores, minimises oily complexion and creates a smooth skin. It contains bees wax and rose water. I use this about once a week when I feel like some extra care is needed. It dries quickly on the skin without feeling stiff and is easily removed.